Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I Wore to Work - Ruby Rox Retro Inspired Polka Dot & Rose Dress

Dress - Ruby Rox (Goodwill)
Shoes - Delicious (Goodwill)

Yet another retro inspired Ruby Rox dress from Goodwill to add to my collection!  This dress is black and sleeveless with a full skirt.  The skirt has large polka dots leading down to roses around the bottom.  There's also a bit of the tulle slip peeking out beneath the hem.  As with most of my sleeveless dresses, I wore a black sweater (not shown) to make the dress more office-friendly.  But since it was a rather pleasant day, I was able to wear my 4-inch open toe heels.     

Close up of skirt design

When I did a google search for this dress, I found the exact same dress on eBay, but in red and white.  Maybe the Goodwill fates will smile upon me and I'll find the red and white version hanging on a rack one day!

Mary Ellen

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  1. Just too cute. Why oh why doesn't our Goodwill ever have dresses like that?!

  2. This is a beautiful dress, what a great find! And it looks fantastic on you, what more could you want?! :)

  3. Love love love this dress! So cute!