Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Wore to Work - Back In Black - Forever 21 Dress

Dress - Forever 21 (Goodwill)
Cloche Hat - Croft & Barrow (Kohls)
Shoes - Target

I probably have too many black dresses in my closet.  When I come across a black dress at Goodwill, I always find myself thinking if I should buy yet another one.  But like the many black shoes I have in my closet, each black dress is special and unique in its own way.  Plus, black is a classic color - timeless, even.  And it provides the perfect palette for colorful accessories.  So maybe a girl can never have too many black dresses! 

This particular black dress was another Goodwill find.  It is exactly like my favorite navy blue uniform Forever 21 dress, except it's black (of course!).  Most of the time, I wear a bright colored floral pin in my hair with this dress.  But today, I went with my black cloche hat.        

Trench Coat - Merona - Target

And to add another layer of black, I wore my black plaid trench coat.  I bought the coat new (gasp!) at Target a few years ago with birthday money from my mother-in-law.  It has a belt for the waist, which I sometimes wear.  At other times, I think wearing the belt makes my backside look rather large.  Although, I guess the coat can't be blamed for that!

Mary Ellen

pleated poppy


  1. love your thrifted look! I always shop at goodwill here is my post! :)

  2. Love the dress. And too much black? Never!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Love it all.

  4. Love it! We can never have too many black dresses! Very cute as always :-)

  5. you are looking so fabulous! I love black on black and you coat is gorgeous!

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