Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore to Work - Casual Friday

Dress - Kupcake (Goodwill)
Sweater - Kohl's (clearance + coupon)
Shoes - Target

The dress code for my office is business casual.  However, a few years ago management instituted casual Fridays.  Since I've been wearing only dresses and skirts, my casual Fridays look exactly like my Monday thru Thursdays!  But I thought this recent Goodwill find encompassed the spirit of casual Friday.  This tube dress is made of a stretchy, denim-like material - whose name escapes me at the moment (darn old age!).  I actually had a mom-made ring sling made out of the same material when Clayton was a baby.  My favorite sling by far as it was stretchy and durable.  Anyway, the dress came with a cute skinny red belt.  I paired the dress with a white sweater from Kohl's (on clearance for $6 plus 15% off coupon).     

Mary Ellen

pleated poppy

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