Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Wore to Work - Ruby Rox Retro Dress - Brown Polka Dot

Dress - Ruby Rox (Goodwill)

I found yet another Ruby Rox retro inspired dress at Goodwill to add to my growing collection!  I'm always overjoyed when I see one of these retro inspired dresses hanging on the rack. But, I almost missed this dress!  I was in the dressing room trying on a few other dresses.  When I came out, the dress above was hanging on the rack to be put back with the other dresses.  I didn't even have time to try it on (I needed to get back to work at that point!).  I just snatched it up and paid for it.  When I tried it on later at home, it fit like a dream!  The dress is dark brown with white polka dots and large brown buttons down the front.  It has a much larger collar than the other dresses and puffed sleeves - which I adore!

Mary Ellen

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  1. Adorable dress - I love it! People keep telling me about the great stuff they are finding at Goodwill - name brand clothes, many with the tags still on them. I'm a bargain hunter, so I'm going to have to check our out sometime soon.

  2. What a GREAT find!! I love the vintage feel, and your lipstick! :)