What Is A Working Home Keeper?

Why the Working Home Keeper?

In 2008, my husband and I decided it was time to get our financial act together and began the process of getting out of debt (ala Dave Ramsey). As apart of that, I turned to the Internet for information on frugality in the home, saving money and simple living. To my delight, I found a host of wonderful and informative blogs. While I found the information to be extremely valuable, I wondered why it seemed to be exclusively targeted towards stay at home moms. Didn't mothers working outside of the home cook meals from scratch, menu plan, coupon, and clean house all while attending to the needs of their husband and children? I did and I was sure other WOHMs did as well. So why did it seem like the WOHM perspective was completely absent? Then it hit me - duh! The writers of these blogs are stay at home moms trying to encourage other stay at home moms in the challenges they face each day. And since we can only write about what we know...

So now I'm here, hoping to provide positive encouragement to other mothers and home keepers like myself. I also feel the need to say that I HATE these supposed "Mommy Wars". Aside from being one of the most ridiculous media contrived inventions, it has to be the farthest thing from true Christian sisterhood. I don't feel it's necessary to put down one woman's situation in order to encourage another in hers. So consider this a war free zone :)