Sunday, November 15, 2009

Market Day - November 14th

Local honey, 3lbs grass-fed & finished ground beef, 1lb ground, pastured pork sausage, 2 dozen pastured eggs, 1lb Carolina style pastured pork BBQ, 2 green bell peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes, kale, green beans, fresh rosemary & cilantro

Saturday marked the last day of the Midtown (North Hills) Farmer's Market for the year. Since May, our family has gone out every Saturday morning to partake of its local treasures. We've experienced the seasons like never before. And looked upon the faces of the people that grew our food. For me, the farmer's market has been more than just some trendy alternative to Whole Foods. It's evidence of God's provision. My own attempts at feeding our family organically-grown food from our backyard was anything but successful (unless you count an overabundance of fresh basil!). So I count it a blessing to have found such a wonderful place right in our community. To have people that care about providing responsibly grown, nourishing foods. That treat their animals ethically and allow them to roam and forage and eat in the way God intended. God bless those who fed my family during this market season. I can't wait for April!


  1. Your lucky that your farmer's market has such a wide variety of items. Our town just started one this summer and it didn't have too much to choose from. But hopefully next year will be a different story!