Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swamp People

I know "reality" TV is not everyone's cup of tea.  But recently, I've taken a liking to one reality show - Swamp People.  It's definitely not Real Housewives!  But it fascinates me much like Deadliest Catch or Hoarders.  I found the show flipping through channels one Thursday night, and have been watching ever since.  The show follows alligator hunters in the bayou during the month long gator hunting season.  Interesting stories and interesting people.  Like the Guist brothers who grew up learning how to live off the swamp.   

A new episode of Swamp People airs tonight on the History Channel at 9 PM Eastern.
And no, I wasn't paid by The History Channel or Swamp People for this post!  Just an off-beat post on a slow Thursday.

And because Swamp People always brings to mind this song, I'll leave you with some Jerry Reed!

Jerry Reed - Amos Moses


  1. I found your blog Thursday night...about 1/2 hour before the latest episode of Swamp People came on. Blogger was having issues at the time.

    I am a HUGE fan of the show and one of the things that fascinates me is hearing how many of the people portrayed in this show live off the land through gardening, fishing, hunting, etc.

    You have a lovely blog, and I have added you to my favorites bar.

  2. I have never seen that but I will look for it. I love the new show Coal which is about miners in WV ~ since my husband is in the coal export business it is nice to see where it comes from.
    Oh and.. I am a housewivesaholic! I can't help it, they are my guilty pleasure.

  3. Housewives are my guilty pleasure too Leslie! The new season of New Jersey starts tomorrow!

    Mary Ellen

  4. Never heard or seen the show....thanks for sharing. Will be looking out for it.