Thursday, November 29, 2012

Country Living Classic Vintage Table Linens

A random stop into K-Mart turned into an early Christmas present for yours truly!  While browsing with Dave, we came across these Country Living Classic Vintage table linens on clearance!  Dave agreed to buy me a table cloth and the last remaining placemat as an early Christmas gift.  The store only had one matching seat cushion left and none of the coordinating red ticking stripe window valances.  A search of other K-Mart stores for the remaining pieces of this collection turned up zilch.  But, I'm happy to have found this table cloth for such a great price as I've been admiring it for a long time!  And, I may even return to buy an extra one (you know as insurance against the little people and furry kitties!).   

The table cloth has a lovely red rose pattern with a decorative ruffle around the edge.  Please excuse the wrinkles, I didn't bother to iron it in my excitement!

Inspired by the colors in the table cloth, I decided to change dining room's Christmas tree and decorations.  Instead of blue and gold, we're going with warm reds and golds this year and natural elements.  I'll share more of those details later!

Mary Ellen