Friday, December 20, 2013

Stand With Phil

I proudly count myself among the legions of Duck Dynasty fans.  Prior to watching, I thought Duck Dynasty was just another silly reality show.  But, after a coworker mentioned being a huge fan, I decided to watch an episode.  Surprisingly, I found myself hooked.  The show was funny and genuinely entertaining.  I loved the focus on faith and family.  I also loved being able to watch the show as a family, not having to worry about mature subject matter or inappropriate language.  As my devotion towards the show grew, it became clear that some people seemed to hate the Robertson family simply for being.  They hated them for being Christians and not ashamed of being open about their faith.  So, it is not surprising now some want another Paula Deen moment following Phil Robertson's comments about homosexuality.  Funny how those who preach tolerance are intolerant of opinions other than their own.

In addition to being called homophobic, some are also calling the Robertson family patriarch a racist.  Strange considering Mr. Robertson has two, non-white grandchildren.  Rebecca, an exchange student from Taiwan (fostered by Willie & Korie Robertson) and Will (who is biracial) adopted at birth by Willie & Korie.  In an interview, Mr. Robertson stated that in his youth in Louisiana, he never saw the mistreatment of black people.  And that basically the black people he picked cotton with were happy and appeared to have no ill-will against whites.  My thoughts - my parents (both black) lived through Jim Crow/segregation.  Both my father and mother grew up in small, rural towns in the South.  The reality, there was Klan activity and even talk of towns where if Black, one would not want to find themselves after sundown.  But also reality, my parents worked side by side and lived amongst white people whom they considered friends (and still do today).  So, I can totally believe Phil's experience growing up.  The experience he relayed about his youth is not the same as saying segregation should be in place today or that Black people were happier under segregation.   Not the same at all.  It is his unique experience and one that may be hard to comprehend if you are not intimately familiar with small town, rural life in the South.

The Robertson family is standing firm against the backlash.  And their fans will continue to stand by them. #standwithphil

Mary Ellen


  1. I totally agree! I love this show and feel this is a very serious injustice against this Godly man. Thanks for posting about it.

    Amy Jo

  2. Now, there has never been a truer word said. I so agree with this man`s sentiment that we all would be better off if we were to love God and each other. Amen to that!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Living in Australia I wasn't familiar with this until I saw it pop up in a few American blogs and facebook pages that I follow. So I did a little research and have read what Phil has said.
    My disclaimer first: I am not a religious woman but respect people choice to be so and I have never seen the show (I'm sure it won't be far away though we have all the other reality shows from the 'south' and my boys love to watch them).
    While I don't agree with Phils negative comments against homosexuals I respect his stance on his religious beliefs.
    Personally I don't see anything wrong with homosexuality and I support their rights completely. Two of my three siblings are gay and they are wonderful people. So is my brothers fiance.
    However my understanding is that if you are to believe in God and the Bible then you must also follow his believe on homosexual behaviour. You can't just pick and choose which parts suit you :)
    It is everyone's right to believe in their choice of religion and God providing they don't choose actions based on those beliefs that harm others.
    This is exactly what Phil is doing. He doesn't like but as stated in his quote above he 'would never treat anyone with disrespect because they are different from me' yet Phil is copping that same disrespect from others.
    Sorry for the long reply. I just wanted to let you know that there are non religious people who support homosexuals but who also respect and support Phils right to express his beliefs and religion.
    We are all humans, we are all family, lets just love and respect each other :)