Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From Two Incomes to One

Being a wife and mother in addition to working full-time is not always easy. There were many years of struggling with my situation before God showed me I needed to step into my roles as wife, mother and home keeper now instead of later when I could be at home full-time. But in this moment, I'm truly seeing how all things work according to God's plan and in His perfect time. On Saturday, my husband was let go from his job. In this time of great economic uncertainty, our income has been cut in half. However, we are choosing to see this as an opportunity instead of a setback. My husband's job was very demanding and stressful on him as well as our family. Now he has the opportunity to find something better - and pretty much anything would be better!

I'm thankful in this time that we at least have my income to fall back on as well as our emergency fund (thanks Dave Ramsey!). God knows the desires of my heart. How I would love to be home more, even if on a part-time basis during the day. But He also knows our needs before we do. And sees our situations from a much larger vantage point. Right now, I am where God needs me to be in this season in our life. And I'm thankful for His provisions.

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  1. Oh, Mary Ellen, I'm sorry to hear about the job loss. I hope things will turn around quickly and be better than ever before.

  2. thankfully you do have a job.

    My husband was laid off in March and I was a sahm (and taking classes pt). The job market for what he does is just bleak right now - he is a cnc machinist. So, before my classes were even over, I started sending out resumes. I would bet that I sent/emailed over 50 resumes in the last few months. I ended up getting only 4 interviews. But I finally did get a job. Originally it was only 24 hrs a week, but they have now made it a fulltime job, so that will help. I will be using social media to communicate with youngsters with disabilities and will also be working with their new database. So, even though I am a little sad to have to leave my kids at home (with dad lol) at least with this job it sounds like there is a lot of room for me be creative and challenged.

    I don't start until August, so money is still tight. But at least we had a good income tax return and some savings that have kept us afloat for now. Hoping that hubby will be called back to work soon. Hopefully the All You Grocery Challenge will help us all cut our grocery costs.

  3. I'm so glad you found me and now I found you! I'm enjoying reading your blog. As God has closed one window for you, I pray He opens another, even better one.