Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All In A Morning's Work

6:30 am - Wake Up

Shower, hair, make-up (just mascara), contemplate today's outfit in front of the closet, get dressed

7:00 am - Downstairs to make breakfast (scrambled pastured eggs, sprouted whole wheat toast with butter and sliced watermelon & cantaloupe)

7:15 am - Get a sleepy little girl out of bed and walk her to the bathroom to get ready for school

Back downstairs to get toast out of the toaster oven, finish packing my daughter's lunch & snack for school and pack my breakfast and lunch for work

7:25 am - Back upstairs to do my little girl's hair (ponytail today with white bow). My husband and boys are now starting to stir. Quickly do my own hair (ponytail today) and retrieve my high heels from under the bed.

7:30 am - Put out clothes for the boys and give my husband a kiss and last minute reminders for the day - trash out today, breakfast is in the kitchen and don't forget early dismissal time for school. Check with my Mom to see if she has any mail she needs put in the box, kiss the kids and pet the cats.

7:35 am - Out the door

7:50 am - Stop by Harris Teeter for first day of Super Double coupon event. Pick up the following:

4 Whisker Lickins cat treats $1 ea - 1/2Q = FREE!
1 Dawn Handsaver dish detergent $1.99 - 1/1Q = FREE!
1 Dawn Direct Foam detergent $1.99 - 1.50/1Q = FREE!
3 Friskie's Indoor cat treats $1.50 ea - 1/1Q = FREE!
1 St. Joseph's aspirin 81 mg (for my Mom) $2.59 - 1/1Q = .59
1 Huggies Pull-Ups Jumbo pack $9.99 - 2/1Q = 7.99

Total oop: $9.87
Total sales & coupon savings: $23.65

Got a coupon back for a FREE Stoneyfield organic yogurt cup (great starter for crockpot yogurt)

8:35 am - Arrive at the office for the next part of my morning - round 2!

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  1. I'm exhausted already! And I'm jealous of your breakfast, super doubles, and of course, a free coupon. Hope round 2 goes as well as round 1!