Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Wore to Work - Polka Dots

In this installment of What I Wore to Work, I'm seeing spots!  Well polka dots on this cute litte dress I picked up from Goodwill.  Since the dress is strapless and sleeveless, I paired it with my black sweater for the office.

A peek at the red crinoline built-in slip

Looks like I'm walking along the yellow brick road in these red shoes (also a Goodwill buy)!  Not the most practical of shoes, but I adore their curves and heels.


  1. Hi, Mary Ellen. Thanks for visiting my blog. =) I love polka dots, anything red, and high heels, so needless to say I just adore your outfit! Even when I was teaching, I was rarely seen without heels on of some kind. (Which my mom, also a teacher, thought utterly ridiculous...) You make me want to run out to Goodwill to see what I'm missing!

  2. What a darling outfit!

  3. I love the red shoe! I think that color just makes an outfit pop. Sexy!