Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Only Pair of Pants!

Last week in my "What I Wore to Work" post, I mentioned my wardrobe for home was the same as my wardrobe for work - dresses and heels.  A question was asked in the comments inquiring if I ever wear slacks or sweatpants for cleaning or gardening.  I do have one pair of pants on hand for those particularly messy jobs!  An old pair of stretchy exercise pants.  This weekend, I put them on along with a tank top and my faux Keds from Target to tackle some deep cleaning around the house.  I usually bring them out if I'm scrubbing the showers, cleaning the base of the toilets, scrubbing floors by hand, cleaning the litterboxes, painting or digging around in the garden.  They're paint stained and not really appropriate to wear outside of the house.  

But for my regular everyday cleaning and cooking, I'm quite comfortable in my dresses and aprons.  I have a growing collection of aprons in various colors and patterns that I wear to protect my dresses from spills and stains.  Plus, I think aprons are so pretty and feminine!  And if company pops up unexpectedly, I don't have to worry about trying to make myself look presentable.  But more importantly, it makes me feel good!  And when I feel good, I'm better able to serve my family at home.  And my employer and clients when I'm at work.

Mary Ellen


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  1. You look great in anything you wear! Your dresses are very pretty!

  2. I'm going to do the same thing when I eventually (hopefully sooner than later) get married. I do have pants that I wear for exercising and lounging in the house but I'll get rid of those once I start living with a man. I love frilly aprons too. In fact...I kind of like French maid outfits and it would be fun to wear one when cleaning...I'm all about being the fantasy woman!

  3. I'm going to be sharing a post soon on what I have worn every day...I'm like you, I love being 'dressed up' in the house while I work making my house a home!