Monday, October 15, 2012

Look What the Storm Blew In...

An early morning thunderstorm brought more than just cooler temperatures our way!  Meet "Stormy".

While Ashleigh was outside playing, she heard a tiny meow coming from our outside storage building.  Then, she saw a cute, little face looking back at her.  So, Ash ran inside to get Daddy to come out and investigate.  After several minutes, Dave came back inside doing his best Turtle Man "live action" holler!  It was indeed a little kitten that had taken shelter from the rain in our storage building.  There was no Momma Cat around, nor other kittens.  We have no idea how she found her way to our house.  Our neighbors don't have cats and she seems too young to be at a wandering age.  But, Stormy has settled in nicely with our other kitties.  Kiss-Kiss has been acting as her adopted Momma.  Though the nursing didn't go as Stormy would have expected!  Most of the time, you will find them both cuddled up together.  Don't you just love kittens! :)

Mary Ellen  


  1. Such a cute face! I remember my Salem looking exactly like that when he was tiny.

  2. That's exactly how we got our ginger cat, Milburn,
    seven years ago! He came wandering out of the
    woods, we fed him hot dogs, and the rest is history...
    Congratulations- Stormy is adorable, and I love the name!

  3. She's precious and I'm so glad you are keeping her. :)