Monday, June 3, 2013

{Book Review} - I Can Teach My Child To Read!

Our children love to read!  But, just as their personalities are unique, so to has been their journeys towards reading.  For Ashleigh, she took to reading in kindergarten and quickly excelled.  Clayton really hit his stride towards the end of first grade.  Now, Reed is making those beginning steps towards literacy.  To find ideas for strengthening Reed's abilities, I eagerly turned to I Can Teach My Child To Read!  A 10-Step Guide For Parents by Jenae Jacobson (of I Can Teach My Child).

I Can Teach My Child To Read is not a program or curriculum.  It is a guide which explains the components of reading and how to implement them into the daily lives of your children.  Jenae lays out ten strategies which can be put into practice right away.  She also presents activities which go beyond rote memorization to build reading skills.  In reading I Can Teach My Child To Read, I came away with ideas and strategies to not only help Reed, but to also support Ashleigh and Clayton in their stages of reading.  Like continuing to read aloud (even with my independent readers) and the questions to ask to aid in reading comprehension (which is the most important component of learning to read).

I Can Teach My Child To Read is a great resource for parents. Regardless of where your child is in the process of learning to read (even infancy), you will come away with beneficial strategies and resources to start them on the path of a life long love of reading!

Buy I Can Teach My Child To Read for $3.99  $1.99 through June 7th!

Mary Ellen

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