Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kroger to Buy Harris Teeter & Super Doubles

My Harris Teeter Super Double deals from the weekend:

3 Purina Cat Chow .89 each
2 Finish Gel Pacs .75 each
2 Bayer Low Dose Aspirin FREE!
2 Reynolds Baking Cups FREE!

Last week it was announced that Kroger reached a definitive merger agreement with Harris Teeter.  If you heard a loud noise, it was a collective NOOOOO! from all the couponers in our area!  While Kroger  does have low prices on organic and natural foods and great markdowns, their coupon policy stinks.  The stores recently stopped doubling in our area.  Prior to the policy change, the rules for coupon usage seemed to vary by store, by manager, by cashier.  Harris Teeter is more expensive, but with Super Doubles, triple coupon events and Buy 2 Get 3 Free sales, good deals can be had.  Plus,  the customer service at Harris Teeter is top notch.  I'd even compare it to stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and The Fresh Market.  According to the release, Harris Teeter will continue to operate separately and top management will remain in place.  Of course, that's what they always say in the beginning!  I'm hopeful the Harris Teeter coupon policies and special events will remain.  But, I wouldn't be surprised if the stores eventually changed to reflect Kroger's current policy.  At which time I will dust off my Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards card and anxiously await the arrival of Publix!

Mary Ellen    


  1. In our area, Harris Teeter bought out Kroger and now Harris Teeter and Kroger are merging... I will never understand how business works... Just like the tobacco buyout ... and now one farmer in my area is planting tobacco in a big way this year??....

  2. Mary Ellen, you are indeed a homemaker and working.