Monday, July 29, 2013

Sneaky Pete's - BOGO Offer!

While we've been enjoying a nice leisurely summer, it won't be too long before the school year starts again.  And that means packing lunches!  Last school year, I packed well over 150 lunches for the kids (give or take a few sick days!).  I take care to pack lunches which are healthy, filling and will give the kids energy throughout the day.  Thanks to the folks at Sneaky Pete's, I've found something new to add to the kids' lunch boxes that's good for them (which I love!) and tastes great (which the kids love!).

Sneaky Pete's is a refreshing, all natural, wheat-free, certified vegan fruit flavored beverage that packs 3 grams of fiber (as much as a bowl of oatmeal) with only 40 calories.  Sneaky Pete's contain no artificial colors or additives and is naturally sweetened using stevia extract, erythritol and evaporated cane juice.

So, how does it taste?  Great!  We tried Peach and Mango and enjoyed both flavors.  Smiles all around especially from the little ones!

To help you with packing lunches for your kids (or your work lunch!), Harris Teeter is currently offering an amazing 3 for $5 deal on all Sneaky Pete's oat beverages now through December.  For even more savings, enjoy this Buy One, Get One Free coupon courtesy of Sneaky Pete's!   


Mary Ellen

Disclosure:  I was provided a coupon to sample Sneaky Pete's oat beverages.  All opinions are mine.