Monday, February 17, 2014

A Different Kind of Floral Valentine's Day Gift

No roses this year.  But, there were flowers :)

A pretty set of floral dinnerware with a coordinating set in my favorite shade of blue. 

Threshold, Haylee, Wellsbridge Aqua, Target, dinnerware
Threshold Haylee & Wellsbridge Aqua
Mary Ellen


  1. How very pretty!
    I don`t celebrate Valentines day. What`s the point of being all lovey-dovey for one day if the rest of the year you can`t be civil and appreciative with your other half? Nowadays it`s also far to commercialized, so that tends to put me off as well.

  2. Beautiful! Those will not wilt ;)

  3. just to make you and me smile.. I remember ordering material like that dress in the Ferris Wheel ad on the side of your page.. way back in the 60's... and the dress my grandmother made me reminds me of the dress on that girl.... what goes around ... comes around... LOL