Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stretching the Clothing Budget: Consignment Sales

As a working home keeper, earning two incomes does not mean spending two incomes!  We have a small, monthly cash allowance established to keep three growing children clothed.  One of my tools for stretching that allowance is consignment sales.  Recently, I shopped a new to me consignment sale in the area.  I always save my shopping for the last day of the sale, when most items are typically 50-75% off.  I also have the advantage of shopping for older children while most of the other shoppers are competing over infant/toddler clothing and accessories.

My game plan:  stick with the basics.  For the boys, I look for solid colors, simple patterns or plaids.  I avoid jeans and go for khakis (in navy blue, black or tan) and cords.  Polo shirts are always a good buy for a casual or semi-dressy look depending on the occasion. 

I love scoring uniform pants and shorts as they are durable.  But, look quite polished when ironed and creased. 

I keep my eyes out for bigger name brands (like my gone but not forgotten favorite, Talbots Kids), but also adore brands like Old Navy and Cherokee.  No character clothing -  unless it's an absolute favorite and $1 or less.  But, favorite sports teams are a buy (especially at a good price!).

 For girl's clothing:  pretty, sweet, feminine, age-appropriate and modest in length and neckline.  Nothing too dark in nature or too flashy.  No characters (though Ashleigh is beyond that age now).  But, always room for a little fun (like leopard print pajamas with pink trim and sparkly buttons!).  Plus, Daddy is always there to offer a discerning eye.  Giving the veto to anything he doesn't feel is appropriate or a good value.

I'm already excited for the Fall sale!

Mary Ellen          


  1. Fun! Would love to go to one of these sales.

  2. I'm a fan of consignment stores as well. During the summer months, I like to stop by, once a month, for short sleeve shirts.

    Living in Vegas, I've got to change frequently. And this is a way to not spent a lot of money.

  3. Nothings better than finding things I really like @ and for a great price at Consignment Stores.

  4. I love that you make sure to include modest clothes. With some of the scary things I have seen even young girls in, that must be very hard to do!! I applaud you!! ;)

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