Saturday, September 26, 2009

Market Day - September 26th

From the market - 3lbs grass-fed & finished ground beef, okra, 2 pints Muscadine grapes, 2 green bell peppers, green beans, butter beans, arugula, Liberty apples (FREE!), 1 lb pastured pork sausage, pastured pork chops & 1 bar handmade oatmeal, goat's milk & honey soap

Had a great trip to the market this cool, Autumn morning! My shopping list included apples, but at first it appeared the farmer we normally buy from didn't have any today. Turns out he did have some apples but had not put them out because he wasn't very pleased with their appearance. To our surprise, he bagged up several apples and told us they were on the house!

Also got a great deal on the beef from a new farmer to the market. Their beef is not only grass-fed but also grass-finished! I was able to pick up 3lbs with the B2G1F special they were offering this weekend!

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