Sunday, September 6, 2009

Market Day - September 5th

Local goodness - 2 dozen pastured eggs, okra, potatoes, green bell peppers, green beans, Liberty apples, 1lb pastured pork sausage, 1lb grass-fed beef & 1 bar handmade lavender, goat's milk & honey bar soap

The change in season is bringing changes to our wonderful farmer's market. Our local source for real, pastured eggs will only be coming out to the market every other week. At this time of year, the hens start to produce less eggs. Unfortunately, eggs aren't included in their fall/winter CSA either. These eggs are just so delicious - deep yellow yolks and full of flavor. Guess I'll have to start buying 4 dozen at a time to get us through the off weeks.

This weekend was also the last time our grass-fed beef farmer will be at the market. She's having surgery on her shoulder in the coming weeks. But she and her husband have extended an invitation for us to visit their farm in early October! Not only will we be able to spend a day at the farm but we'll also pick up a bulk order of beef at a discount.

Our farmer's market has blessed us greatly during this spring and summer with local, grass-fed and pastured meats & eggs and organically-grown fruits and vegetables. As the market changes with the season, so must we move with it's natural ebb and flow. Shopping grocery stores leads one to think eggs and strawberries are available year round. Shopping locally at the farmer's market has made us more aware of nature's timing and the distinctive gifts each new season brings.

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