Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A (Mostly) Local Breakfast

Pastured Pork Sausage & Kale Frittata with Sliced Apples & Honey

For the Frittata - the original recipe can be found here. It calls for spinach and bacon, but I easily substituted local sausage and kale.

1/2 lb ground, local, pastured pork sausage (Pine Knot Farms, Hurdle Mills, NC)

8 local, pastured eggs (S & L Farm, Louisburg, NC)

Local kale, chopped (Pine Knot Farms, Hurdle Mills, NC)

1/2 organic, onion slice in circles

1/4 cup organic milk

1/2 - 1 cup raw milk cheddar cheese

pepper to taste

Sliced apples & honey

Organically-grown, local apples - a mix of Liberty, Husk Sweet and Kinnaird's Choice (Cloverfields Farm, Timberlake, NC)

Local honey (The Pleasant Bee, Raleigh, NC)

All local items purchased at the Midtown (formerly North Hills) Farmer's Market, Raleigh, NC.

The TOOL (Towards Organic Or Local) Challenge - Down to Earth

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