Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Decorating - White Craft Pumpkins

Monogrammed and polka-dot pumpkins on the dining room table

The creative juices have really been flowing lately around the house! I fell head over heels for the white craft pumpkins at Michael's. I think over the course of a few weeks, I bought all our store had! With some black craft paint, I created a monogram on a large pumpkin and polka dots on a smaller one. I did not free hand the letter or the dots if you're wondering! I made an M template using Microsoft Word and used a lid from a jar for the dots.

More pumpkins on the pine china cabinet my Daddy built

The first polka dot pumpkin was so cute (and easy!), I went back and bought a few more. I did two more polka dots and then branched out with a striped one for the china cabinet.

Damask design for pumpkin in foyer

Looking to move beyond stripes and dots, I turned to the internet for inspiration. I found this post from The Pleasures of Homemaking about decorating pumpkins with scrapbook stickers. Absolutely brilliant - and something I never would have thought of! Back to Michael's I went. I found the really cute crown Manuela used in her design, as well as a damask design similar to the textured wallpaper in our foyer.

More scrapbooking stickers on a pumpkin upstairs

I love being able to bring a little bit of the season into our home!

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