Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thinking Victory At Home

Last night, I found myself in a mood. My tired body would have rather been in bed reading. Instead I was in the kitchen, making pizza dough for the next day's dinner, chopping onions and green peppers and shredding mozzarella cheese. A million "to-do's" filled my head. My husband's upcoming surgery, workshops, a school conference, what would I make for breakfast, when would I find time to make BBQ sauce and yogurt, to work on next year's calendar for work. The kids were also being rowdy and kept hopping out of bed. It was just all too much!

But then it came to me, just as I spoke victory at work, I can also speak victory in my home. I could turn this mood around by looking at the positive. I'm so blessed to be in my kitchen making dinner for tomorrow. Some do not know where their next meal will come from. Some other mother, some where in this world is staring at bare cabinets and an empty fridge wondering how she's going to feed her babies. I'm so blessed!

I'm so blessed that God chose me to be the mother of these three children. Some woman out there would give anything just to have one child, but I've been blessed with three. Three healthy, vibrant kids. I'm so blessed!

From the widow's perspective, I'm so blessed to have my husband. And from the perspective of the daughter whose mother has passed on, I'm so blessed to still have my mother with me and in good health. I'm blessed to have our home, to have means to provide for our family and to have the physical ability to do all those things on my to do list.



  1. Every time the dishes stack up (and the dishwasher is empty) or a mountain of laundry appears in the laundry room and try not to be upset and remember I have those chores because I am blessed and have my family around me.

  2. If you can count your blessings, you know you will always be ok:) Great post!

  3. Good post. I was just reminding myself of that the other day as I was grumbling to myself.