Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nature As Art

A trash to treasure nightstand, yard sale picture frame and one of my Momma's old candlestick holders used to showcase a bit of nature the boys found in the backyard.

Using natural elements is an inexpensive way to bring simple beauty and interest into your home. 

Mary Ellen


  1. I like that so much! Especially using something that belonged to your Momma.

  2. That is fantastic!!! Great idea. Have a great weekend Mary Ellen!

  3. Very creative! I love how you kept it all so beautiful! Come on over and see a boy's rustic room!

  4. Very nice! and a very nice blog you got here :)

    Oh I can't wait until my own little children run around our summerhouse barefoot and comes back with stuff like this to show mummy and daddy :)