Friday, August 24, 2012

Thoughts of a Black Republican - I am the 0%

A recent NBC poll stated support for President Obama among Blacks was at 94%.  While Black support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney was at 0%.  Zero percent.  While it's often said the Republican party ignores Black conservative voters, apparently the liberal media doesn't even believe we really exist!  Yes Virginia, there are Black Republicans.  Our numbers may be small (but growing!).  And our voices aren't always heard (they're usually shouted down by others who wish we would tow the racial party line).  But, we will be at the ballots come November!



  1. ...don't fret, I am the only republican living in Baltimore city! Lol.
    Hope that u have a great weekend.

  2. LOL! Thanks Leslie! Hope you have a great weekend too!

    Mary Ellen

  3. Ssshhhh, don't tell anyone I am a registered Republican. Though I am definitely left leaning.

  4. I hate the way the media trys to make the election about race! We need to forget black, white, hispanic and vote what God would have us vote no matter what the color of the skin.

    God Bless you,
    Amy Jo

  5. I was so proud of your statement in this post that I read it aloud to my husband!

    I am a white Southern Republican...The county where I formerly resided was a Democratic county. I went in to vote in the presidential primary in the 1990's and couldn't find my candidate on the ballot. I opened the curtain and stated that I wanted to vote for the REPUBLICAN candidate. One of the women working the poll came over and said "Uhm honey...we don't DO that in this county."

    My district representative (a Black Democrat)got a call that morning. And I was asked to come back to the poll to vote MY preference that afternoon. That gentleman got my vote every year because he helped me several times with other issues I had (not vote related).

    I once told him "You know I have to vote a split ticket because of you." He said, "When I'm not in office any longer I'll tell you the truth about me.." He was a closet Republican. He felt he could best serve the state by 'becoming' a Democrat and getting elected. And he DID make a difference. He's retiring this year but his niece is taking his place. She's proven herself a conservative but sadly she too must BE a Democrat to get elected.

    Proud of you for proclaiming your party, your preference and giving a heads up to the MEDIA. YOU GO GIRL!

  6. So Hala at CNNI talked to Herman Cain about this today. He was like do I look like 0%? Lol. He said the stats are wrong because he's met too many other black voters that state otherwise. On a side note, I've met the man and he seems pretty great. Very smart, but also has a good sense of humor about himself and politics. But I'm personally more of a Ron Paul supporter :)

  7. yeah you should totally be proud of voting for such a backward party. i know you like dressing like its 1959 but jeez woman supporting someone who hates you coz you are black is not the answer. its not about race its the fact that they dont care about their black voters, thats why blacks dont vote.

  8. I am leaning in that direction.