Saturday, July 18, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge wk 1

With our grocery shopping done for the week, it's time to see how we did with our All You Grocery Challenge. The goal, $25 per person per week. For our family of 6 we bought:

Farmer's Market
1.5 lb grass-fed beef
1 lb pastured pork sausage
2 dozen free-range eggs
2 broccoli
2 green bell peppers
1 seedless watermelon (not pictured because I forget about it!)
~1/2 lb green & purple beans

Total spent: $28.05

Whole Foods
1-365 organic ketchup 24 oz (FREE with coupon)
1 Eden Organic shoyu sauce
1-365 Extra Virgin olive oil
1-365 organic beef broth
1 can 365 organic diced tomatoes
2 cans 365 organic tomato paste
1 lb organic rolled oats (bulk)
1/2 lb organic raisins (bulk)
1-365 organic peanut butter
8pk wheat hamburger buns (FREE with coupon)
1 tin skinless, boneless sardines
2lb bag organic brown rice
8pk Hamburger patties
2lb bag organic carrots
2 bags frozen organic corn
1pk 365 organic shredded mozzarella cheese
2lb organic bananas
5lb bag organic russet potatoes

Total spent: $48.89

Lowes Foods
3 gallons Full Circle organic milk

Total spent: $17.41

2 jumbo packs Huggies Pull-Ups

Total spent: $21.35 (rec'd $5 Register Reward)

7 apple juice 64oz
1 box baking soda
1 bottle white vinegar

Total spent: $11.23

TOTAL SPENT: $126.93
$23.07 below Grocery Challenge target of $150
$1.93 above our weekly grocery budget of $125


  1. I wish our farmers market sold meat! Good job for the first week of the challenge. Check out how I did @

  2. Just found your blog and see that your into feeding your family good quality foods. That's great. I wanted to share a website with you that grades the different organic and free range foods so that you can truly see your getting your monies worth. It's It's how I found out that the milk I was giving my son was not so good.