Sunday, July 26, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge wk 2

Week 2 spending for the All You Grocery Challenge. Our goal is to spend no more than $25 per person each week for our family of 6.

Farmer's Market

6 ears of sweet corn
2 dozen free-range eggs
4 yellow squash
4 green bell peppers
2 eggplants
~ 1/2lb string beans

Total spent: $25.00

Whole Foods

1 Synergy Kombucha tea
2 cans 365 Wild Alaskan Salmon
2 cans 365 organic tomato paste
1 bag frozen 365 organic sweet peas
1 box 365 organic yellow taco shells
1-8oz Stonyfield organic yogurt
5lb bag whole wheat flour
1.75 quart 365 Rocky Road ice cream (FREE with coupon!)
1lb organic rolled oats (bulk)
1lb organic lentils (bulk)

Total spent: $22.66

Earth Fare

1/2lb block Morningland Dairy raw milk cheddar
1 bag Enjoy Life chocolate chips - dairy, soy & gluten free
8oz whole, fresh mushrooms
2 Earthbound Farm salad mixes (sale BOGO - $1/2Q)

Total spent: $17.89

Trader Joe's

1 bottle Charles Shaw Shiraz
2 Kerrygold Irish unsalted butter
1 bag organic brown rice penne pasta 16oz
3lb bag organic pink lady apples

Total spent: $14.78


2 jumbo packs Huggies Pull-Ups (sale 8.99 - $2/1Q)
2lb organic bananas

Total spent: $16.50


7 bottles apple juice
1 box diaper wipes

Total spent: $11.83

And my Super Double buys at Harris Teeter --- total spent $20.55

TOTAL SPENT: $129.21
$20.79 below grocery challenge target of $150

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