Monday, July 20, 2009

Menu Plan - July 20th

For the All You Grocery Challenge, I thought I would post not only the items we bought for the week, but also how those items come together for our meals. Menu planning not only saves me time in the kitchen, but takes away the stress of coming home from work in the evenings and trying to figure out what cook when everyone is already starving! And it serves as a reminder of what prep work needs to be done ahead of time - what needs to be defrosted, beans that need to be soaked and cooked, etc.


- Golden Veggie Fried Rice (For veggies, I used organic onions, organic carrots, organic frozen corn and broccoli florets)

- Grilled Hamburgers on wheat buns with Better than McDonald's Oven Fries, Green and Purple Beans sauteed with Garlic & Sliced Watermelon

-Dirty Rice made with Pastured Pork Sausage & steamed organic corn

-Lasagna Rolls using Whole Wheat noodles & Yogurt Cheese and Basil filling (using the filling recipe from Kelly's stuffed shells)

- Quinoa & Black Beans topped with shredded, raw milk cheddar cheese

- Egg Salad with Sardines (a new take on tuna salad, inspired by these two Edible Aria recipes - Sardine Salad Sandwich and Keep it Simple Egg Salad ) Sprouted, whole wheat toast & sliced cantaloupe & watermelon

- Homemade Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza topped with organic onions, green peppers & fresh basil from our container garden


Scrambled free-range eggs, pastured pork sausage, sliced cantaloupe & watermelon
Scrambled free-range eggs, fruit salad and sprouted, whole wheat toast w/strawberry spread
Soaked oatmeal


Usually leftovers & sandwiches

I'm An Organizing Junkie - Menu Plan Monday

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  1. I love whole wheat pasta. I don't taste a difference between that and white pasta.