Sunday, October 4, 2009

Market Day - October 3rd

From Saturday's market - 3lb grass-fed & finished beef (B2G1F), arugula, salad greens with edible flowers, 2 green bell peppers, local honey, 3 dozen pastured eggs, Chinese chestnuts and mini pumpkins for the kids (FREE!)

Yesterday afternoon we took a trip out to the State Farmer's market. It has a much different vibe than our smaller market we frequent Saturday mornings. It's a lot bigger, a lot busier and doesn't really focus on organic/organically-grown fruits and vegetables. However, we did find two farms selling grass-fed and pastured meats and eggs there. The prices were a bit cheaper and they are open all week and year round. I picked up a pound of grass-fed and finished beef and ground, pastured pork sausage while we were there. It's good to know there are other avenues available for meats and eggs when our usual market closes down for the winter.

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