Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Found Local Dairy!

From the market - red potatoes, eggplant, spinach, local butter & pecan pie!

The day before Thanksgiving, I stopped by the other farmers market in our area focused on local and organically-grown, The North Raleigh (Falls River) Farmer's Market.  The North Raleigh Market is planning on going year-round for the first time this year.  One of the farmers there was selling butter, cheeses and spreads from a local dairy source - Calico Farmstead of Gibsonville, NC.  Since moving towards more local foods, dairy products have been something I've been looking for.  The Calico butter and cheeses are made from the milk of cows grazed on organic grass pastures and not given any hormones.  The butter is absolutely delicious!  It's great in the mornings spread on a piece of sprouted, whole wheat toast.  A quick and nourishing breakfast.   

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