Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Earth Moved Under My Feet

Did you feel it?!?

The kids and I were sitting in our living room, when the house began to shake.  The windows in the sunroom started to rattle.  I jumped up immediately not knowing what was going on.  Not seeing anything unusual, I assumed it must have been a large truck passing by.  It wasn't until Dave called from his office, I found out it was an earthquake!  Which did cause me some moments of temporary freakout.  We're good now - as long as everything stays in place!  Hope everyone is okay.

Mary Ellen


  1. How wierd was that!! It is scary how the cell phones jammed up ~ that worries me.
    Glad you are well.

  2. I didn't feel a thing in the Charlotte area, but some people did apparently! I grew up on the West Coast and was woken up by an earthquake in the early 90's--we were pretty far from the center so no damage--but it was pretty creepy and scary!

  3. I'm in Kentucky so, I didn't feel it. We had one here three years ago that woke me from my sleep. They are scary.

  4. I felt it. I was sitting at the computer, as usual. I have talked with many people and the ones who were sitting or lying down felt it. The ones standing and riding in cars didn't seem to feel the earthquake.