Friday, August 5, 2011

Work In Progress - Upstairs Master Bedroom

This week, my very industrious husband has been tackling our upstairs master bedroom.  When we moved into our house 7 years ago (can't believe it was that long ago!) we quickly started painting some of the main rooms.  I believe Ashleigh's room was first.  She was 1 1/2 at the time and we wanted to make the transition from our apartment to house special for her.  Then we painted the room that would become the boys room as I became pregnant with Clay about a month after we moved in :)  But life got busy and time and money ran thin.  So our bedroom upstairs got pushed to the backburner.  It wasn't pretty, but it was functional. 

Fast forward to today and I am beyond thrilled that we are finally working on our bedroom.  Can't wait to share the transformation!  Stay tuned.

Before - Bed

Before - Closet

Before - My dresser

Saying goodbye to the old and yellowed wallpaper!

With the furniture out, sanding begins

We had to move the mattress downstairs to the family room much to the enjoyment of the kids!

Mary Ellen


  1. This so exciting and I know it will be gorgeous! Those kids were having a good time on the mattress. :o)

  2. LOL what a cute photo of the kids! It's always the parent's bedroom that's the last to get done. I'm excited for you! I'll look forward to seeing the "afters"!