Monday, August 15, 2011

Upstairs Master Bedroom Reveal

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The upstairs master bedroom transformation is complete!  And all it took to bring new life to this room was paint and a few new accessories.  For the wall color, I chose a relaxing gray (Gravity from Lowes Valspar).  Depending on the light, you can see hints of blue in the color.  We also replaced the lamps on the nightstands.  You may remember seeing those lamps in the Target circular a few weeks back as part of their dorm decor.  I thought the color and shape of the lamps were so cute, even if they were intended for a dorm room!  I picked up the white shag accent rugs from Target as well, after some indecision and exhaustive searches of Kohls, Homegoods, TJMaxx and Pier 1. 

The bedding is also from - you guessed it - Target!  But purchased a few months back.  I want to find "something" to go over the bed, I'm just not sure what yet!  Maybe even something in a soft yellow to bring in a pop of color. 

I'm making a vow to keep the room "quiet" by making sure the dresser is kept clear of clutter.  Of course you will notice the clutter next to the dresser!  Those are school supplies, bagged and separated awaiting the final teacher supply list.  I can't believe this is the last full week of summer before school starts :(

Dave installed this new ceiling fan from Home Depot.  Looks so much better than the 80's faux wood/brass number we had before.  And it doesn't shake or make weird noises when it's on high!

The closet doors and door leading to the bathroom also received a fresh coat of paint.  What amazes me most about the room now is that even though we kept the same furnishings and placement, the room looks so much bigger!  Definitely more inviting and relaxing.  And all thanks to my hubby's hardwork!  

Mary Ellen    

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  1. It looks very tranquil. Good work of your hubby. He deserves a pad on the back.

  2. It looks great!!! You guys did a great job with all your decorating choices and hard work. Good Job!