Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Market Day - Midtown (North Hills) Farmers Market

My little garden - except for a few grape tomatoes -  has pretty much succumb to our 100 degree days.  But there is still plenty of local goodness to be had at the Midtown Farmers Market at North Hills.  My Saturday mornings always include a trip to the market for local, organically-grown meats and vegetables for the coming week's meal plan.  There's just something so special about interacting with the person responsible for growing and raising your food!

Mary Ellen

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  1. I`m looking forward to visiting my own local farmers market on Saturday this week. Unfortunately we only have this market every second Saturday of the month. I wish I could visit the market every week. There are often vegetable bargains to be had, with some unusual
    fruits and veg to boot. The banter between stall holders and customers as well as the friendly atmosphere of such a market is just so enjoyable.