Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{NEW!} Easy Crockpot Recipes & Menus E-Book

Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus

Do you find that you're often so busy that it's hard to find the time or the energy to cook? Do you end up hitting the fast food places or even more expensive restaurants more than you should? Eating out is one of the biggest causes of personal debt.  But after a busy day, who wants to come home and spend the time to cook dinner?

Living On A Dime's new Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus e-Book has been prepared especially for busy moms! It's full of easy recipes and menus that can help you save a lot of money and time preparing delicious crockpot meals in minutes so you won't have to wonder what to cook when you get home.

Simply pick one of the pre-made menus, take a couple minutes to toss some ingredients into a slow cooker and know that you're saving a lot on your food spending. Not only that, you won't have to spend the extra time it takes to drag everyone to that fast food place... and you KNOW what a chore that can be when you're tired.

When you check out the new Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus e-Book today, you can get it for $7.77, 40% off the regular price.  Don't forget - the special 40% off deal is only good until Monday! Make your meal planning easier-- check it out now!

Easy Crockpot Recipes and Menus

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