Friday, July 6, 2012

New Kitty on the Block!

A new furry girl has taken residence in our home!  Meet Bella - or Pumpkin as the kids wanted to rename her.  Though Bella is what she still answers to!  She's a 2 year old long-haired kitty Dave found while browsing Craigslist.  Her previous owners had recently taken in an abandoned Pitbull-Rottweiller puppy.  Unfortunately, Bella was not able to adjust to the new puppy and her owners thought it best to find her a new dog-free home.   

Ashleigh & Bella

Bella is just the perfect indoor kitty!  She was already litterbox trained, is not the least bit interested in people food (so no issues with her jumping on tables and counters) and just loves to lie around the house.  She's also great with the kids.  She loves playing with her toys and getting lots of rubs and attention - which is abundant in our home!  We've also introduced her to our other cats.  What's funny is that when the other cats come inside, Bella carefully watches them as if they are invading her private space!  Bella is the "purrr-fect" addition to our family :)

Have a great weekend!

Mary Ellen 


  1. Your new kitty is beautiful and so is your
    little daughter!