Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Harvest & Tomatoes Gone Wild!

Harvested the first vegetable from our garden - a zucchini!  The plant has several blossoms, so hopefully we can expect a few more in the near future.

Tomatoes gone wild!

With the recent rain we've had, the tomato plants really took off and took over our little garden space.  Guess I should have done more reading about plant spacing! 

Among all that tomato craziness are some peas (which have attached themselves to the tomato plants), cucumbers, green peppers, two small okra plants and one eggplant which probably doesn't even see the light of day!  And the zucchini plant which probably could have used the entire garden space just for itself.

Grape tomatoes

Better Boy tomatoes

More tomato blossoms


  1. That's great! Last week, I picked our first yellow squash. The Zucchinis went in a few weeks later, so I should get one any day. Your tomatoes look great!

  2. Yummy! That is so awesome. My kids love to sneak out and eat all the tomatoes before I can pick them ha ha. Can't blame 'em. You garden looks great.


  3. very nice. The garden looks great.

  4. You are going to enjoy those yummy summer treats. This year I tried something new and stuck the veggies in the flower garden. So far so good.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. How wonderful to have your own garden! I can imagine many delicious meals will be made from the yummy produce from your garden. Enjoy it!

  6. Lucky you to have zucchini already! My plants are still small but I only planted the seeds a few weeks ago. We love roasted zucchini with pesto so we're anxiously awaiting our zucchini crop!