Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesday - Breakfast Ideas

I'm joining Julia today and sharing some of our favorite breakfast recipes and ideas for Working Mommy Wednesday.

Most mornings, breakfast needs to be not only nourishing, but quick!  Our morning staple is this Soaked Oatmeal recipe from The Nourishing Gourmet.  Very filling and very inexpensive (our Whole Foods carries organic rolled oats for $1.19/lb in their bulk aisle).  Soaking the oats overnight not only reduces the anti-nutrients, but helps the oatmeal cook up faster.  And it's quite yummy topped with raisins and drizzled with some local honey.

recipe from Tammy's Recipes

Another family favorite, homemade waffles.  I double the recipe and use half whole wheat flour and half King Arthur's white whole wheat flour.  I also use Rapunzel organic, unrefined and unbleached whole cane sugar in place of refined sugar.  These waffles are so delicious!  My kids will even eat these plain!  But they are yummy topped with organic maple syrup, local honey, fresh fruit or Whole Foods mixed berry spread (my favorite!).  I make a big batch of waffles on Sundays and re-heat Mondays for a quick start of the week breakfast.   

Muffins are a great on-the-go breakfast!  To save time in the mornings, make muffins the night before.  Have a hot one right out of the oven with butter for dessert or a bed time snack :)  Then put the rest aside for breakfast the next morning.  Ashleigh loves to have homemade muffins packed in her lunch box and the boys enjoy them as an afternoon snack while they are at home during the day with my Mom.  And with blueberry season just around the corner, we will definitely enjoy plenty of Soaked Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins!      

Local, pastured pork sausage patties & local, pastured scrambled eggs

For a "farm to fork" kind of breakfast, we enjoy sausage patties made from local, pastured pork sausage and local, pastured scrambled eggs.  We buy our ground sausage and eggs directly from the farmers who raise the animals at our local farmers' market.  There's something special (at least for me!) being able to talk with the person that actually raises your food and knowing that it was grown close to home.

And for those mornings where we need convenience, we reach for a bowl of Ezekiel sprouted cereal with local milk!   


  1. Ooooh you just made me hungry for breakfast! Great ideas!!!

  2. wow!!! AWESOME IDEAS!!!!!! i will definitely be saving these and trying them all!! this was awesome!!! thanks for jumping in!!