Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden - Spring/Summer 2011

My plan for the garden this Spring/Summer was to plant less with hopes of it producing more.  I filled my small garden square with four zucchini plants.  And in the larger square, planted roma tomatoes, grape tomatoes, green bell peppers and red bell peppers.  Plus I have some chard which I planted last Fall that somehow managed to make it through the Winter. 

Zucchini plants

Tomato plant blossom

Bell pepper plant
Maybe I'll actually get a bell pepper this year!

Gardens are like chilren.  If you blink, they grow!  Since the time I took the photos above, the zucchini plants have blossomed and have a few zucchini coming in.  The grape tomato plants have exploded with little green tomatoes and the romas are putting on some too.  Some garden pest took to munching on the leaves of a few of my bell pepper plants.  I'm not sure what it was and I was a bit too chicken to go out to the garden at night to see!  I spread some crushed eggshells around the munched on plants and it seems to have deterred said pest (I'm thinking maybe slugs).  The pepper plants closest to the tomatoes avoided damage.  One even has a tiny pepper emerging!  I've never been able to grow peppers so I've got my fingers crossed!

Mary Ellen   


  1. Your garden is showing great promise, and I know what you mean about not checking the garden at night, since we have skunks that visit and I wouldn't want to startle them!

  2. Sounds like your garden is doing well. We got caught unexpectedly having to move, so I'm not getting a vegetable garden this year, more's the pity.