Friday, June 17, 2011

What I Wore to Work - Making Waves

A different hairstyle for the Summer - finger waves.  By no means done the right way!  But I found I could achieve the wavy look I wanted by parting my hair in the center, adding gel to the sides, then forming S curves using a fine tooth comb.  I placed large alligator clips in the bends overnight to help hold the waves in place.  I used flexi-rods in the back of my hair for tight curls.  When getting ready for work the next day, I just remove the alligator clips and flexi-rods for a vintage-inspired wavy look. 

Merona dress & necklace from Goodwill
Shoes (not shown due to my poor photo skills!) - Anne Klein from Goodwill
Floral hair clip - Dana Buchman from Kohl's


I started playing around with the photo effects in Photobucket while uploading the pictures for this post. 

Painting effect

Ink Stamp effect

Film Grain effect

Pop Art effect

And my favorite
the Fresco effect

Mary Ellen


  1. Your hairstyle is darling, and the whole look including the dress is stylish.

  2. Mary Ellen,

    Your new hairstyle is very lovely, indeed!

    As for the photo effects, the film grain effect is my favorite.

    -L. Rose

  3. Love the vintage look! It's gorgeous :)

    This Good Life