Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yard Sales - Where Has the Love Gone?

Last year - Black & White Toile plates - $10

Last Summer, was the Summer of Yard Sales for me.  I had never been into yard sales before until one morning, Dave and I decided to drive around and look for a few before we went to the farmer's market.  I was hooked!  Awesome treasures and fabulous finds for less than Goodwill prices!  Plus those early morning yard sale adventures became our couple time.  We would leave the kids sleeping at home with my Mom, drive around to the sales, head to the farmer's market then enjoy a small breakfast together at one of the restaurants near the market.  When yard sale season ended last year, I could not wait to start again this year.  BUT...something happened.

Last year - Vietri Bowl - $2

The kick-off to my yard sale season this year was going to be a Spring church yard sale Dave and I have always attended.  I have pretty much done all the kids' clothes shopping there for the last few years.  Name brand clothes in excellent condition for .50 to $1 a piece.  But the church decided to no longer hold the sales.  So my launch into yard sale 2011 never happened.  In addition, I found I really enjoyed getting my grocery shopping done earlier on Saturday mornings instead of later in the afternoon.  Early morning shopping at Trader Joe's is a completely different experience than late afternoon shopping at Trader Joe's LOL!  So there you have it.  I've only gone to one yard sale this year.  And that was last weekend.  And only because it was in our neighborhood and I was passing by on my way to the farmer's market. 

Last year - Urn & baskets - FREE

 But Dave is still feeling the love.  And he has a new partner in crime. 

Clayton, yard sale shopper-in-training

Yes, our 6yo son Clayton!  Despite his young age, Clayton is a lover of thrift.  He thoroughly enjoys finding "scores" with Daddy.  And has learned he can stretch his allowance much further buying toys at yard sales.  I can totally see Clayton decorating his college dorm room with yard sale and dumpster finds - just like his Daddy did.  And if Clayton attends college locally, I can totally see Dave driving over to help him, with head lamp and dumpster claw in hand! 

Last year - Oneida tea set - $5

As for me, I told Dave I'd like to do "yard sale -lite" this year.  Maybe visit a few estate sales on Sundays.  I'm hoping to find a few vintage items - a typewriter, pair of white gloves, hats and linens.     

This year Dave picked up this 25 bottle wine rack with cabinet for $15. 

My only yard sale buys of the year - 2 Pier One bird plates and an antique leather baby/doll boot for $6

How has your yard sale season gone so far?

Mary Ellen

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  1. those pier 1 plates are so cute, and how fun that now your yard sales are a whole family affair. i am to new yard sale love, too-it's blogging. makes me giddy to go out there and find stuff, or find stuff to transform. but i hate actually getting up early and going to the sales. bah! popping in from the nester's party.

  2. The bird plates are so pretty!

    Visiting from The Nester.

  3. There are not so much yard sales here in Britain. But there are some Sunday car boot sales I could attend if I could get myself better organized. We did find some camping miniature game sets on one of these car boots once. There are some bargains to be had if you get up early enough on a Sunday.