Thursday, September 8, 2011

Celebrating the Domestic Side of Working Motherhood

Signs of Fall are popping up everywhere!  Beautiful yellow mums and bright orange pumpkins.  It inspired me to change over to my Fall blog header.  While I was changing the header, I decided to change my blog tagline.  It used to read "the life of a working mother & home keeper".  But now it says, "celebrating the domestic side of working motherhood."  While this blog will most certainly continue to be about my life, I realized that I didn't really blog much about work.  Most of my posts are about home because truly that is where my heart is.

Even though I work full-time outside of the home, I'm not a feminist or careerist.  Work is just something I do for several hours during the day.  I work because my husband feels it is best in this season of our family's life for me to contribute financially {Epshesians 5:24 - ...wives should submit to their husbands in everything}.  And because my income will allow us to reach our long-term financial goals sooner, such as becoming mortgage debt-free before our children go to college.  But my work doesn't define me.  I don't even consider it to be the most important thing I do in my day.  I'm good at my job, but I know the world would continue to spin even if I wasn't there doing it!

My focus, my number one priority is my family and my home.  Working outside of the home does not change that fact - for me or for any working mother.  All the day-to-day work involved in running a home is still up to me.  And this is where I hope to celebrate the domestic side of my life!

Mary Ellen    

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