Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Looks like Santa came!

Ashleigh unwrapping one of her gifts

Captain America (aka Reed) feeling much better after his Christmas Eve trip to the ER

Mee-maw (my Momma)

Ashleigh with a tower of Barbie accessories and Moxie Girls

Clayton opening his GI Joe policeman

More Captain America!

Santa brought Dave a new pair of running shoes.  And for me, two pretty aprons and a new roasting pan.  Which got put to good use later that morning for cooking the Christmas ham!

Hoping your family had a wonderful Christmas Day!

Mary Ellen


  1. Looks like great presents for everyone. My granddaughter still likes Barbies but she loves Monster High Dolls so we had a monster high Christmas. She also loves gaming like your son. How many versions of DS can one kid own.