Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Money Saving Mom's Budget - Book Review

Recently, I was selected to review Crystal Paine’s upcoming book, The Money Saving Mom’s Budget. As a working mother and home keeper, its crucial for me to make the best use our family’s resources. Crystal’s website has been a valuable money saving tool, and her book delivers the same sage advice.

In The Money Saving Mom’s Budget, Crystal covers the basics of budgeting and adopting a cash only spending plan. The book walks you through a three month plan for establishing a workable budget, and gives suggestions for reducing expenses. Crystal also challenges readers to go “plastic-free” (credit cards and debit cards), at least temporarily. This is usually a radical change for most families. When my husband and I started a cash-based budget several years ago, letting go of our credit card was the most apprehensive step for me. In the book, Crystal addresses concerns about switching to cash, from traveling to online shopping. By taking a budgeting approach similar to the one outlined in the book, my husband and I were able to pay off approximately $16,000 in debt in 11 months.

The Money Saving Mom’s Budget also covers one of my favorite subjects, couponing! Crystal dispels the myth coupons are only for junk food. She then gives detailed information on how to obtain coupons (for free!), organize them, and how to use them effectively for reducing one’s grocery budget. If you are a seasoned couponer, you will probably already be versed in the strategies outlined in the book. But someone new to couponing or the “drug-store game” will definitely find this section helpful. And for those who do not use coupons, Crystal provides suggestions for lowering your grocery budget without them.

Other topics covered in The Money Saving Mom’s Budget include goal setting, frugal family entertainment and embracing an attitude of contentment. All in all, this book is a comprehensive guide to streamlining your life and your finances!


The Money Saving Mom's Budget is set to be released on January 10th.  You can pre-order your copy today at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Mary Ellen

(Disclosure:  I received an advanced copy of the book in order to write this review.  All thoughts expressed are mine.  This post also contains an affiliate link.  See my disclosure policy here).

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