Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trash to Treasure - Christmas Wreath and Sunroom Christmas Decor

Trash to treasure Christmas wreath in the Sunroom

We've talked about trash-to-treasure Christmas trees, now lets talk wreaths!  Dave rescued this faux green Christmas wreath last year.  Originally, there was a large burgundy and gold bow attached.  But it had seen better days, so I removed it.  To spruce up this wreath, I attached a strand of pine cone garland (bought on after Christmas clearance at Big Lots) using floral wire.  Once I attached the garland to the wreath, I realized it wasn't long enough to go all the way around!

To fill in the open space on the wreath, I added a pine cone and dried citrus fruit ornament (after Christmas clearance Big Lots) and a rusted jingle bell (after Christmas clearance Target).  Then added some strips of burlap and check ribbon to match the ribbon on the sunroom Christmas tree.

More natural Christmas elements in the sunroom.
I bought these pine cone trees at Target (after Christmas clearance sale).

Here is our sunroom Christmas tree.  
It's decorated with the same pine cone garland and check ribbon as the wreath.

I adore these vintage looking shadow box ornaments from Kmart!

Mary Ellen


  1. Great job on the wreath. I need a new one desperately for my front door. I wanted to make a yarn wreath, but I've been so busy. Maybe next year. Love your trees. :)