Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O Christmas Tree(s) - 14 Trees & Counting!

Merry Christmas!  And welcome to our home!
If our family was going to be featured on a TLC show, it might be called "14 Trees & Counting!"
Have a look...

Tree #1 - our burgundy & gold Christmas tree - greets you as enter in the foyer.

As you look into the family room, you'll see Tree #2.  This is our main Christmas tree and is filled with family ornaments.  Some of the ornaments go all the way back to my husband's childhood!

Trees #3, #4 and #5, I refer to as the "triplets".  They are also in the family room along with the main tree and have red, apple green and turquoise blue ornaments. 

By the window in the family room

By the back wall in the family room

I bought this wooden "Ho, Ho, Ho" and red mercury glass tree at Target on after Christmas clearance a few years back.

Tree #6 is in the dining room and decorated
with blue & gold.

Mercury glass tree under a cloche in the dining room
(another Target after Christmas buy)

Glass pine cone ornaments
(Target again!)

Tree #7 is in our kitchen and has a variety of colorful ornaments

Moving into the living room, you'll see Tree #8

I bought these large ornaments on clearance last year from you guessed it - Target!  This Spring, we had the dark wood paneling in our living room painted a beautiful blue-gray (Sherwin William Comfort Gray).  And I was so excited to unpack these ornaments because I knew the antique white and gold tones would go so well with the room's colors!

Silver wreath above the mantle
(not from Target - Michael's after Christmas clearance)

In the corner of the living room is Tree #9.  It's a white tree with pearl bead garland and white & gold glass Martha Stewart ornaments.  I bought those ornaments many years ago from Kmart on clearance.  I've only felt brave enough to use them in the past few years now that the kids are older!

Wooden nativity by the old window on top of the roll top desk in the living room

Last year, I remember the Nester placing a strand of lights in a lantern.  I loved it and couldn't wait to do something similar this year!

Tree #10 is our recent trash to treasure rescue.  Right now, it just has silver ornaments but I'm planning on adding a few homemade ornaments to help fill it out.

In our sunroom, is Tree #11
A white tree with red ornaments and pine cone garland 
(Big Lots after Christmas clearance)

The sunroom tree also has these beautiful vintage looking ornaments from Kmart's Vintage Christmas collection.

Moving upstairs, you'll find Tree #12.  We call it the Candy Tree.  It has gumdrop garland, pearl colored bulb and various candy themed ornaments.

My favorites are these Country Living fabric cupcakes!

Last year, we had a tree in our upstairs master bathroom.  This year, I decided to put Tree #13 in our recently painted upstairs master bedroom.  I decorated the tree with navy blue and silver ornaments to match our bedding.

And last but not least is Tree #14.  This is our "Charlie Brown" tree.  It's small, scraggly and missing a few branches.  I put it in Ashleigh's room so the kids could decorate it with their toys.  But so far, it hasn't gotten much love!

And those are our trees!
Fourteen trees may sound excessive to some, but for us it's an enjoyable part of our Christmas celebration.

Mary Ellen

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of trees! I love it! I also love your commitment to the after-Christmas clearance. I'll be there this year, too!

  2. I love your 14 trees and your ability to put them all up. They sure are pretty. There was a write up in our local paper about my cancer doctor's home being in the Christmas home tour and they had nine trees. I think I read somewhere that President Obama has 27 trees in the White House. You've got my doctor beat and in a few years you might have more than the White House. I Love Your Collection!!

  3. Your trees are all beautiful. Great job! I like your energy!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. 14 trees, how fantastic! They all look so lovely I can't decide which is my favorite! And the fabric cupcake ornament is so sweet.

  5. All your trees are beautiful. I like the upstairs candy one the most. You must have PLENTY of storage space. I can't imagine trying to find room in my attic for that many trees plus the ornaments.


  6. I am definately going shopping with you after Christmas for the bargains! Let me know where n when!


  7. Bless your heart! It would take me til July 4th to take all those down and put away! They are beautiful though!

  8. Loved seeing all the different trees! If you keep collecting trees, you might run out of space to put them -- but that brings to mind a story I'll share...

    We used to live in south-central Michigan and I remember a mom and daughter renting an empty storefront one year over the holidays and putting up over 30 trees, each decorated differently, and creating a kind of winter wonderland. The entry fee was minimal (I think $2 or $3 each) and it was a great fundraiser for the daughter's college fund! My daughter and I liked it so much we went every time we went to the mall that holiday season :)