Monday, December 19, 2011

Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Mint Frosting

My not quite red velvet cupcake!

I have wonderful Christmas memories of sitting at the kitchen counter in my parents' home, watching my Momma busily baking up cakes for Christmas.  Some of the cakes would be frozen, boxed and shipped to Germany.  At the time, all three of my older sisters were stationed overseas in the military.  And of course, a few cakes stayed behind for us to enjoy!  My Momma would make a cake to suit everyone's taste.  A coconut cake for my sister Betty, a German chocolate cake for my sister Sarah, a pineapple cake for my Daddy, chocolate cake for me and my older brother and red velvet cake for my sister Carolyn.

I'm nowhere near the baker my Momma was!  But in preparation for our Christmas Eve family gathering, I made an attempt at red velvet cake this weekend.  Since I didn't have enough red food coloring on hand, mine was more of a "pink" velvet than red!  I used the Pioneer Woman's Red Velvet sheet cake recipe for my cupcakes.    

Candy canes in the Vitamix

When my Momma made red velvet cake, she used cream cheese frosting with chopped pecans added.  However, some say a boiled frosting is the more traditional choice for red velvet cake.  Last year, I tried making a cooked frosting with milk for my Christmas cake.  It did not turn out well for me!  So, I just stuck with my go to frosting recipe - the buttercream recipe we used for the Christmas cookies.  This time, instead of adding a teaspoon of vanilla, I added peppermint flavor.

Crushed in seconds!

To finish off the cupcakes, I sprinkled crushed candy canes on top.  No need to get out the kitchen mallet for the candy canes!  I just tossed several broken candy canes into the dry blade container of my Vitamix blender.  In just a few seconds, they were pulverized!  Crushed candy canes add such a festive touch to cupcakes and cookies this time of year.  Crushed canes are also great for chocolate bark, as an ice cream topping and for adding into cups of hot chocolate!

So what kind of frosting do you use for red velvet cake?

Mary Ellen

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