Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buying Ahead - Kids Shoes

I've practiced the "buying ahead principle" in grocery shopping for awhile now.  When an item we use is on sale, I will buy a few extra for the pantry (as the budget allows).  The goal is to avoid paying full price for the items you use the most, thus saving money in the long run.  I've now started to apply this same buy ahead strategy for the kids shoes!  I buy most of the kids clothing second hand at yard sales, Goodwill and consignment sales.  But for shoes, I typically buy new.  Less worries about foot "ickies" and improper support.  Target is my go to place for buying the kids' shoes.  They always seem to have a good selection on clearance.  When I come across a good clearance sale, I will buy a pair in their current size and also one size up (as the clothing budget allows, of course!).  So, when they grow out of their current shoe size, we'll already have one or two sizes ahead for less than retail.

Mary Ellen

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  1. That`s ever such a good idea. Kids do grow so quickly, and shoes can be expensive when you`re desperate for them. I wish I`d thought of that when my kids were growing. That`s such a good advice.

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