Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clearanced Wrapping Paper - Not Just for Christmas!

With after Christmas clearance sales at 75% off or more, this is the time to replenish your wrapping paper supply for Christmas.  But what about wrapping paper for gifts throughout the year?  While you're grabbing rolls of Christmas paper, look for solid colored wrapping paper or paper with non-holiday type patterns (stripes, polka dots).  I always grab a few rolls of non-Christmas-y looking paper during the clearance sales in anticipation of the Spring birthday party invite onslaught!  I found the cute polka dot paper above at the Target clearance sale this year.  

Surprise for the birthday boy!

 And don't forget your bows and tissue paper!  I found sheets of damask tissue paper on clearance for less than I could buy tissue paper at the Dollar Store!  Also solid colored paper plates and napkins (think red for Valentine's Day parties and green for St. Patrick's Day) are a good buy at this time.  And thinking ahead to Valentine's Day, our Target store had these containers of chocolate covered graham crackers with peanut butter drizzle on clearance along with their Christmas items.  Repackaged in a heart themed cellophane candy bag, those clearanced holiday cookies would make a sweet (and frugal!) Valentine's treat!  Just be mindful of the expiration date.  The cookies we bought had a July 2012 expiration.  But of course, we ate them all, so no worries there LOL!

So, think beyond Christmas when you're shopping the clearance sales!

Mary Ellen    


  1. Those are some great frugal ideas! Thanks for the neat tips.